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We pride ourselves in helping Montana Non-Profit and/or Montana Businesses find the website that perfectly fits their need and budge. Servicing Montana and Great Falls since 1997, we want to help Advertise and promote your Montana Non-Profit and/or Montana Business so it will GROW and Prosper. If you are new to Montana - Welcome. 

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Local Montana Business

We can create a website that will fit into your budget. If you tried it on your own, tried a FREE create it yourself website and/or hired a phone book company that costs way to much...we can help. Give us a call. 

We Serve & Support LOCAL Great Falls & Montana Businesses

We provide the Human and Personal Touch ​
​when working with our Customers.

Austin Designs in Great Falls, MT is a Local Montana, Veteran Owned Business. The money we make goes back into Local Montana Businesses, schools, parks and Non-Profit Organizations. 

Welcome to Montana | Photographer: Tim Austin
Austin Designs, LLC in Great Falls, MT

Let’s face it. Choosing an I.T. company that will remain in Great Falls, MT to Advertise and Promote your business is an important decision. We are Montana Born and Raised. We plan to remain a Local Montana Business.